The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★½

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This was a pleasant surprise.
I usually don't fall too easily for the more crowd pleasing kind of comedy (I'm more of a Roy Andersson type of guy) but this one does a descent amount of damage to such a dead-done genre as the buddy-cop comedy.

Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe make for a surprisingly good duo that stays safely in the vain of the cliches of such a duo but they certainly add some of their own to the mix too. Case in point: I can never get enough of Gosling's whiny little scream... and apparently I'm not the only one. They also get a great little sidekick in the young Angourie Rice who plays a Gosling's very mature daughter.

The plot, although structured as basic as any good mix of comedy, crime and mystery, elevates itself mostly by the way the trio handles it and how it is directed by Shane Black. It feels right, it looks right, it has a good amount of laughs, but it also lacks a bit of a punch - not saying that they don't try to go one step beyond, they just never do so. Yet their combined effort is very much appreciated. It's fun for what it is and that's saying something. It hits all the right notes with an it little bit more on top of it... just a little.

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