Things to Come β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Nr. / Year: 1936

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How fitting is it to watch a film with the title Things to Come on your birthday? πŸ˜‚ Guys, I'm 22 and I'm already feeling old!! Anyways...

Things to Come is everything I want a sci-fi film to be and more. I knew hardly anything about it at the start and this definitely benefitted the viewing experience as this was a film that kept surprising throughout. In short, it tells about how a global war breaks out in the early 40's and how this changes the fate of the earth. It's of course, pretty interesting to see this alternate reality unfold as we've already lived through most of the years show in it but it is even more interesting when you think of it as an actual sci-fi, as it was made back then.

It's almost too obvious how the growing tension of world war 2 is made visible in this film. Most of it is told through the use of themes as science and warfare and how these aspects clash and co-exist throughout periods of war but also periods of virtue. Especially it's war and post-war scenes are noteworthy for its realistic approach and the struggle for progress and while the final scenes in the future might feel a bit too far-fetched, they still create a solid whole with the rest of the film and that mostly happens because of one thing: the portrayal of time.

While it happens in extremely obvious ways as in comparable shots or maquettes or clear indication of the years in which it plays, there are also moments where the passing of time becomes so realistic it almost seems like you're watching a documentary. It is through such moments, even though they are played with relative safety (it's the 30's nonetheless), that the actually mind-bending aspects of science fiction become apparent. Truly, a gem of the genre. PRETTY BRILLIANT!!

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