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  • Joker



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.


    If you had..

    1 shot.

    1 opportunity.

    To seize everything you ever wanted.

    In one moment.

    Would you capture it?

    Or just let it slip?


  • Joker



    Joker is not the subversive film it pretends to be, or the one people were all up-in-arms over leading up to it's release. As innumerable people have pointed out, the film owes a HUGE debt to Taxi Driver. But unlike Taxi Driver, Joker really has no teeth to it. The film resists taking any real risk, as at no point in the entire film does Joker do anything that doesn't feel at least somewhat justified. He never feels like a…

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  • Unsane



    Soderbergh effectively utilizes iPhone shooting to create a slightly uneasy, surreal feeling that works well during the scenes where the audience is unsure of what exactly is transpiring on screen, and questioning the mental state of the protagonist. That being said, if you take the visual strengths away, pretty much every other aspect of the film: plot, characters, dialogue etc are all so derivative and predictable that at times I almost wanted to cringe. Case in point that scene where…

  • Cremaster 2

    Cremaster 2


    After finishing Cremaster 2, I could have sworn I had just watched a four and a half hour long film, but was amazed to find that it's actually only 80 minutes long. The film's pace is deliberately slogging and patience-testing, and there is a constant and oppressive sense of unease that I felt during every moment of every scene (this is how I feel during pretty much all of Barney's films). This strange ability Barney's work has to make me…