• The Talk of the Town

    The Talk of the Town


    Love when the movie twitches and you know a dissolve's coming. It's holding the car door open for you!

  • The Search for the Saddest Punt in the World

    The Search for the Saddest Punt in the World


    Winning is always just an option, and you don't have to win if you don't want to.

  • Beginners



    Stripes and primary colors, meet cutes with steeled courage and flash cards, flat and green early digital cinematography, wallpaper mumblecore sidekicks, "I'm feeling a strong 6 to a light 7 on this project" piano soundtrack, Tumblr pen sketches, scarred and sensitive characters in roller skates falling apathetically into the profound...my brain was reducing in golden brown geriatric millennial butter. I was happy.

  • Love Streams

    Love Streams


    I may not be a great Husband but I've got a strong Stream

  • Memoria



    The heart of the city is on fire

    Sun on the rise, the highs are gonna fall

    But nothing is different in my arms

    So, darling, remember

    Remember where you are

  • The Passenger

    The Passenger


    I had a nightmare where 70’s Jack Nicholson was selling me clothes at a vintage store, but they were all the costumes he wore in his movies. He would encourage me to buy something and every time I said “sure, I’ll take it” he would fly into a rage and start throwing me against the wall and beating me up and screaming “you dirty rotten thief, that’s mine!!” I’d run away from him and he would chase me until he…

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas

    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    masterpiece worthy of a bubblegum card. mostly vibes, a hangout movie about folding your emptiness inside out. Charlie Brown & Mrs. Miller.

  • The Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life


    should come with a warning: filmmakers, do not try this at home. we know it seems intuitive but you will not have the same levels of success.

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    "giggle and give in"
    - Altman

    "too much of the boo-hoo"
    - Robards

    "too young to be a king and too committed to be a queen"
    - Downey (a prince)

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    family quilt cinema

  • Tea and Sympathy

    Tea and Sympathy


    It's all about Minnelli's magical postcard compositions...Technicolor Scope in a theater adaptation that seldom leaves the drawing room...feels like you're barreling down some kind of melodrama Stargate...talk about a Tunnel of Love.

  • The Clock

    The Clock



    a perfect prequel to The Master