Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock ★★★★★

Steve McQueen releasing the most gorgeous film of the year all about the amazing beauty of intimate social gatherings right now is one of the most unintentionally rude things to happen this year.

What a brilliant film from such a simple idea. What makes this such a powerful statement is the scene where white youths are about to harass or do worse to one of the patrons when she leaves. It's the sad but beautiful truth of how vital even the smallest oasis of diverse strength mean the world. And how hard it is to live in and defend those spaces. Mangrove was the big fight, this is the defiant celebration.

Steve McQueen always said he wanted to make a musical and this certainly fits the bill. It's so touching and sweet and sacred. It feels breezy yet totally thought out in every detail.

Also this film is officially a 5 star joint when it redeemed Kung Fu Fighting as the musical masterpiece it trully is.

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