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  • Julie & Julia

    Julie & Julia


    The Amy Adams storyline isn’t that bad, you guys are just mean.

  • Treasure Planet

    Treasure Planet


    I saw this at a friend's birthday party.
    I went in thinking, "I am a *very* mature 12 year old and I am definitely too old for Disney, I don't know why we're seeing this."
    I came out thinking, "Well, that was a very hot cartoon character."

    It was the last Disney animated film I saw in theatres until 2009 when it was ok to be an obnoxious college student at PRINCESS AND THE FROG.

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  • The Parent Trap

    The Parent Trap


    Here's the thing: this movie is ABSURD. Let's start at the beginning.

    -Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson (Nick and Elizabeth) meet on a cruise ship and get married after only a few days because common sense.
    -It seems that Elizabeth moves from her hometown of London, England, to Napa, California to be with Nick. Sure, whatever, Napa is cool. Wine and stuff.
    -They are married for an unspecified length of time and then have twin girls named Hallie and Annie…

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Holy sheet.