A Scanner Darkly ★★★½

Back in good old 2006, I very clearly remember this movie being touted as Winona Ryder's comeback after her shoplifting scandal. I didn't make the connection until tonight that this was also one of Robert Downey Jr.'s comeback films. I think it's great that Linklater gave them both that chance and I think it's great that RDJ was able to bounce back and become one the most beloved and successful actors of the past decade. Good for him.


It took Winona until 2016 (ten years later!!!) to really get back to a place of success and popularity that somewhat matches where she was in the 90s (except it doesn't because she's 47 now, and we all know that in Hollywood a woman who is 47 might as well be 90). In those ten years she played small roles in small films until Stranger Things came along to give her the respect she deserves.

I don't think RDJ is undeserving of his success, but the comeback disparity between these two equally talented actors is bullshit.