Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

The first time I saw this was in theatres, shortly after graduating from college. I was living at home and I was lost and unhappy. Five years later I'm not living at home, but I still feel lost and unhappy approximately 43% of the time.

I guess that's just life.

"Do I look old to you....older than 27?" "No. 27 is old, though."

I had drinks with my two best friends tonight and one of them said that she felt happy on a day to day basis; that her job and the people she interacted with daily were good things in her life, but that long term, she felt sad. This was hard for her to explain, but somehow, made perfect sense to me.

"You seem a lot older, but like, less grown up."

In the past month, many of my childhood and college friends have announced their engagements or pregnancies or gotten married and it feels very strange to feel like I'm still in the same place I was after graduation. It feels monotonous and boring and aimless and I often wonder when it won't feel like that, if ever.


I turned this on tonight because I saw no less than ten tweets about LADY BIRD and as always, my love for Greta Gerwig knows no bounds. A need for Greta must be met as soon as possible. I'd forgotten, or maybe hadn't realized at 22, how relevant this would end up being for me at this point in my life. It felt like looking in a mirror and getting slapped in the face at the same time.

I'm gonna eat some cold pizza now.

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