Don't Breathe ★★★★½

i will just start off by saying this movie is the epitome of the word INTENSE. just when you get enough time to catch your breath, you're immediately jumping outta your seat again. i have never gasped so much while viewing a film it sounded like i was getting FUCKED, and u know what it's kinda true bc this movie FUCKED ME. the plot of Don't Breathe is refreshingly simple, 3 thieves each with a motive of their own, robbing rich people's houses to get their kicks. and once it begins it gets straight to the point, which i very much appreciated. things are already frightening and intense but then the plot twist is revealed and it gets 10x darker than it was initially and you're left just kinda sitting there angry and disgusted and disquieted. throughout the entire movie, there really is never a dull moment and i can't say that for a majority of the films i've seen. I would also like to point out that the camera work is brilliant and often acts as an active fourth presence in the house and makes you feel as if you're there with them which adds to the thrill of it all. There is one scene where the camera adapts a spatial flow and pans out in a long, unbroken shot, revealing secrets that the characters have yet to find out about and it got me giddily excited I loved it. also, i won't say much but there is a subplot with the main character, Rocky, and her little sister which got me feeling super sentimental bc sister relationships always hit close to home as i have an incredibly close relationship with my little sister. anyway , i really enjoyed this film and i highly recommend it to those who love thrillers and shocks and surprises!!!