The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★

I can't really imagine what the original response to David Lowery was when he pitched this. I assume this is how he spends his leftover Pete's Dragon money and the advance on his Peter Pan movie. And if that's the case, keep the Disney movies coming because I want more David Lowery.

While watching this I kept thinking how "dense" the movie was, how every scene carried so much mass, the heavy words and the gray skies, only to be followed up by grand castle interiors and foxes howling and the lush forests. Every actor in this movie makes the most of their screen time (Barry Keoghan with the win though!) and it's just slow and the pacing is all off at times and it keeps you rather uncomfortable, out of arm's reach, as if to say, "We're getting there." You know you'll be rewarded, even if you're not sure how. Because every scene feels important, no matter how the pacing might've been improved if it were cut.

It's not a five-starrer but it doesn't really matter. David Lowery is just going to do whatever the fuck he wants with his money--want to see Rooney Mara eat a whole pie? want to see Robert Redford and Sissy Spacek fall in love in 2018?--and we are lucky to have him with us.

Immediate Response:

Regardless of the rating I end up giving The Green Knight, I gotta say I am glad to live in a world where a movie like this gets made.

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