World of Tomorrow Episode Three: The Absent Destinations of David Prime ★★★★★

If we ever meet again, I want you to know that I do not like being hugged. I don’t enjoy it at all. I never feel hugged. I feel restrained.

This short is a wonderful mix of sadness, humor, and foolishness, and I'm not sure I understood the whole arc. But what rises to the top is a sense of hope that was missing from the first two installments of World of Tomorrow (which is not a criticism of episodes One and Two--the stories were different). It's almost overwhelming, the silliness of it all, but the hopefulness glows in every frame. Episode Three is something transcendent. No animated short with stick figures and moaning cave worms should ever come close to being so ambitious.

If you think I'm being hyperbolic, fuck you. We need this. I need this. This is the best thing we've been given in 2020.

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