13 Going on 30 ★★★★★

"Au revoir."

Look I know full well 99% of people would not call this a 5 star film but I am a true believer in appreciating films separately for their own purpose because it's all relative and not every film is aiming to be Oscar calibre, most of them are just out here trying to have a good time and you cannot tell me that this son of a bitch isn't heartfelt with a warm message about appreciating the important people in your life over popularity and commercial success. I have loved this film since I was a kid and I will defend it til the day I die. This shit is solid with a great plot, great 2004 humour and a magical atmosphere so catch me at my funeral lying in a pink coffin in a casual pantsuit with Vienna by Billy Joel blasting as they lower me down. HAPPY BDAY JENNIFER GARNER THANKS FOR PEER PRESSURING MARK RUFFALO INTO DOING THE THRILLER DANCE IN FRONT OF SNOBBY PEOPLE.

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