13 Going on 30 ★★★★★

WARNING: I am about to share too much. I didn’t rewatch this (for once) but I just have to say I’m on a train home from scotland and I was staring out the window with my headphones in and Vienna by Billy Joel, which is from the soundtrack of this film but is also my favourite song in the world (thanks to this film), came on and honestly I got so happy because I’ve seen this film and listened to that song countless times but I don’t go on trains very often so I’ve never had this opportunity and, don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed myself a lot, this weekend has had its ups and downs and I’ve been a bit stressed from some things my dad said about my future (sounds so lame but it’s true) and I actually ended up excusing myself to go cry in a resteraunt bathroom (I cry too much) which annoyed me cause after having a bit of a cry at college last week because it all got a bit too much and going home I thought I was feeling better this weekend and then the shit just hits the fan in a booth in frankie & benny’s and isn’t that just life but listening to that song on my way home on a train like Jenna was (kinda) when everything was getting a bit too much seemed very convenient and I just wanted to say that I am very very grateful for that song and what it says to me and how it’s helped me and I’ll always love this film even if I may move my top 4 around sometimes because I get a bit bored of the same posters it’s always gonna be right up in the front row in the cinema room that is my heart and none of this was necessary but I’m feeling emotional and open and whatever who cares it’s out there now, IM A MESS AND I LOVE BILLY JOEL!!!!!! Have a good night everyone!!! Watch this film if you haven’t already it’s a lot of fun!! Frankie & Benny’s have too big pasta portion sizes!! There I said it!!

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