Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★½

Well isn't this just a film and a half. I think it's rather rare to find something that utterly transports you into an alternate reality, making you forget everything you think you know outside of the cinema screen. Every detail of every environment contributes to the complete immersion and as bloody long as the film may be, I appreciate the kind opportunity to escape for a while. I know the topic of cinematography/visuals etc will have been enthusiastically beaten to death by everyone who's seen this but there's never too little room to praise a job well done and this is way more than that. It's films like this that make me question the career path I'm planning to head down and remind me that shit I do really wanna be a cinematographer don't I - no, no I'll never get anywhere with tha- but what IF??? As a passionate lover of what I like to think of as sunset shades (oranges, yellows, in the middle honey colours) I am extremely grateful for the setting looks served in this. And it doesn't stop there as the colours get darker and bleaker, even the greys and blues have something beautiful about them. The first time I watched this I left almost speechless and sat at the bus stop with a relatively new friend, both wishing to indulge in the silence and a little concerned what he may think of me with the tear stains under my glasses and lack of opinion on anything that just happened. I think, to be honest, part of my silence was due to confusion, the first time I found it to be difficult to wrap my head around and I cannot completely say this was easy to understand. But if it was easy to understand would I enjoy it as much as I do? I haven't decided if it's fair to cast a film out because it makes you do what you consider to be too much thinking in the following days. If a film can tell a story and leave you wondering about that story for time to come, it's made its mark. I also can't say that my confusion is not my own fault for probably just being not quite intelligent enough, I'm definitely no Einstein, I had to google Interstellar religiously to get where I am now (with it in my list of favourites). I appreciate it may not be for some, but personally I don't mind that this film left me confused. I've picked up on things the second time around that I didn't see before (and we all know I love doing that with Arrival, god knows how many times) so I'm not angry that it confuses me. It's more of a hey I didn't get that cheese part or why wallace and luv like to kiss people when they kill them but that's okay because it's a film so who fucking cares, those city skylines were nice and I love a good transparent raincoat. Finally, before I stop typing fully knowing nobody will read this to the end, I'd like to thank this film for introducing me to that Frank Sinatra song, sad to think I could've gone on living without it.

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