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i want to write a big ramble review but i don't know how to express my sentiments of love in different ways than i have a million times before, so i will keep it streamlined and just say that this is marvel at its best. this is a superhero film. it's action-packed, it's colourful and it's beautiful, it's emotional and it's hilarious, the visual effects never falter, the music is incredible, it's the avengers and it's the guardians and it's even reminiscent of star wars to me in some places, don't ask; it's captain marvel. it's new and improved and it is its own thing, but it's also the culmination of what marvel has been trying and perfecting this past decade. it's what they set out to do and they've done it. they've been doing it, they've done it before and that's why i love them, but it really shows here that they've done it.

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