Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

I really wish I could put pictures in my reviews cause while watching this I went on paint and cut out the face of the cat and oscar’s face and swapped them over and I feel bad depriving you all on here of my revolutionary artwork but just know that it’s a piece that will be remembered for years to come and never fail to inspire those who look upon it’s glory but anyway I love this film it makes me very comfortable and soft and I can exhale and I love how sharp carey mulligan is when she swears I can’t really show it in my typing but it’s not asshole it’s asshole like Really fast on the ass there you’ve got to be barry allen with that first syllable and also I only just got the whole bob dylan thing I hate myself sorry mr coen x 2 you’re too sly for me ALSO am I allowed to take some time of college to hitch hike around america with my dog under my arm I don’t have a beard but I can look just as pissed off as oscar can I’ve been practising

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