when i was in high school i did gcse drama and we had to do a group piece for a percentage of our final grade. being 15/16 years old, my group and i obviously went for something quirky but unnecessarily dark. we decided to do a piece about classic fairytale characters, but the twist: their stories are all secretly allegories for drug use. we had alice in wonderland, jack and jill, jack and the beanstalk, something else i cannot remember because i try my best to black this out, and i was snow white. except the apple offered to me by the creepy witch was actually magic mushrooms. our piece was weird in narrative, it went in circles and each time we went through our sequence a new character would be added, gradually revealing the whole story. because of this, we had to act out certain scenes over and over again. one of these scenes was my first tasting of the mushrooms. the witch would hand me the basket of mushrooms and leave me to pick one out, eat it and then start to waltz around the room, fluttering my arms in a drunken haze, almost falling over, and most importantly: laugh hysterically until i pass out on the floor. the scene would last for about 2 minutes and my laughter had no music to it, the audience literally just sat and watched me laugh to myself over and over. i did this scene about 4 times. the first time it was funny, people laughed at my laughter, my throat clear, peak performance. the second time was probably when people were confused as to why i was doing the whole scene again. the third time my mouth was so fucking dry from general performance nerves tied in with the laughing, i probably choked a bit and produced a hoarse cackle. and i assume from the audience's perspective the fourth time was when it just got tiring. but i just had to keep laughing, to nobody, for no real reason, when my mouth was dry, and nothing was funny and the audience were waiting for something new. in replacement of what could be 4 better scenes, we decided it'd be best for the piece if i just kept laughing to myself. after we finished, a teacher came up to us and said it was one of her favourite pieces of the night, and i remember being told by some girls i was very intimidated by that they thought i, in particular, was really good. but i ended up getting a c and never did drama again. anyway, completely unrelated, i just watched joker