Justice League

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the ending of this bothers me so much. you’re telling me he was just walking on the streets with his suit and tie and glasses again like clark kent never died in the first place? sure people will probably find it easy to believe superman could return from the dead seeing as he’s superman, but once they see this ordinary human clark kent has also been spotted alive after his burial they’re gonna start thinking huh what a COINCIDENCE! comparing photos and maybe then they’ll finally see that glasses don’t mean shit and they’re gonna have you fucking SUSSED. does he truly not give a shit anymore. has he undergone that change people go through when they have a near death experience, except his was just a Death Experience, and now he feels all enlightened. he’s like you know what new life new me time to turn over a new leaf! no more hiding behind my lenses! I’ll even go as far as to say I SHOULDN’T have gone to specsavers! how’d you like them apples, ey bruce? oh wait wrong guy

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