Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★★

the ocean's films are literally the epitome of the phrase "i know a guy". and i'm not complaining. i wish i knew a guy.

this was, as i expected, a hell of a lot of fun (bar james corden - i used to find him okay, but the more i see him the less tolerable he becomes - and i think anybody could've done his part a bit better, sorry). all of the 8 were fantastic characters i loved getting to know, i think they were all used vitally and fairly, there isn't anybody i walked away feeling had been left out or unequally handled, which can be tricky with big ensembles. but i guess that's vital to the plot - each of the 8 have their own part to play, and they all do it pretty fuckin well.

I will say, however, while trying to avoid spoilers, some elements of the plot (or the heist and the way it turned out) more near the end felt very instantaneous and not as intricately placed as i would have liked. i think one of the main beauties of these films is the way everything has a consequence, every little detail, even the ones you've forgotten, come back into play and make you admire the minds behind the film even more. i'm not saying this film didn't deliver that because it did, but i think it was a bit slippery, some things i felt could've been left undone. but that isn't to say i didn't massively enjoy this!

i loved the theme of the met, bringing the ocean's movies closer and into territory i'm familiar with (not that i've ever been to the met but i've never been to a casino either, at least i see photos of the met gala every year and have a desire to attend and wear all the funky clothes) i think it was delicately relevant but not too over the top like hey here's a movie involving something real we all know! eat it up bitch! the splattering of celebrities was faint and not in my face, to the point where the kendall and kylie cameo was quite literally so TINY i remembered kris' tweet about them being in it and almost laughed out loud (sorry that sounds so rude but i expected more).

the soundtrack was just brilliant, i'm gonna go and make my own playlist of songs i would put in my Ocean's 9, so that's exciting. the editing had a few powerpoint transitions but honestly anyone who's spent a fair amount of time with me knows i love powerpoints and i didn't mind it at all. you can hand out that spinning zoom to me anyday if the shot contains sarah paulson. and of course there's the element of the fuckin cool women. i love that element. i love fuckin cool women.

so overall, i would recommend seeing this, i think it's a great addition to the ocean's films, it isn't perfect but i don't think the original trilogy is either. you've got fun female characters, outfits that will make you jealous and tempted to start performing heists just to buy a sparkly suit, you've got music that you'll want to listen to on your way to work so your work can feel a bit more like you're committing a heist, and you've got a grand detailed action plan laid out in front of you so you can go and commit a heist yourself! so hooray for that! fuck the rich and steal!!!

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