Prisoners ★★★★★

I remember when I first watched this in film studies over a year ago and when it finished and we had to discuss it people in my class were asking why did he blink so weird? yeah what was that about? what does that mean? it was so weird, he kept twitching? and me, sat there, knowing full well I blink like that too sometimes, having just had a rude awakening was like yeah hahahah what a weirdo haha god what a freak haha what a CIRCUS ACT haha could basically stand around and laugh at him he’s so weird hahaha right guys and trying really hard not to blink that way ever again in a film studies lesson upon the risk of being compared to that weird guy from Prisoners (2013) and I’ve been living in my own personal hell ever since my eyes haven’t stopped stinging for 18 months but anyway this is such a fuckin good film

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