Prisoners ★★★★★

detective loki is such a weird character to me like I do love this film so much and he’s one of the main reasons cause he is brilliant and v interesting but to me it’s so strange that in a story about abducted children the main detective put on the case is some young guy with the name of a marvel character with a slick brad pitt in fury (2014) style haircut and the face of Jake Gyllenhaal with weird knuckle tattoos and a spiral on his neck and a twitch in his eyes like he is a creative character but there’s something so unrealistic about it. detectives in films are never this cool I’ve been programmed to expect the most mediocre 40-50 year old men with sweat patches and broken marriages so the one time I get gifted with this beautiful, mysterious, all black wearing could be a believable character in Blade Runner 2049 surprise I just can’t quite accept it anyone relate

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