I honestly have no fucking clue what to think about this or rate this it was a weird experience on one hand it was good on the other it was quite bad and should be filed under comedy but on my third hand I can appreciate what it would’ve been like at the time but on my fourth, robot hand I guessed the ending like half an hour in but on my fifth hand made entirely of ants the score was pretty cool but on my sixth hand covered in tattoos of jon hamm’s face the whole start bit was confusing to me and I don’t get what Marion was doing but on my seventh hand that has a speaker built in which only plays brad pitt yelling WHATS IN THE BOX over and over I think this film tried its best and it did something new and on that hand I also know that many of my letterboxd friends and cultured film connoisseurs will probably hate me for even uttering a word against the classic that is Psycho (1960) but finally, on my eighth hand, which measures exactly 2 inches in height, 1.4 inches in width with even sized fingers, I think that at the end of the day it is just a film and I am only a human with eight hands so who am I to say anything?

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