Se7en ★★★★★

Se7en is so brutal and chaotic yet so calm and subtle it baffles me. It is perfectly constructed, clean and clear, but with a story so ambitious and wild; this film has my head whirring from the first scene and it continues to buzz after it ends. The stakes and the emotions in the last 15 or so minutes are so hard to fathom, it kinda makes me feel sick. It moves at just the right pace with no needless scenes or sentences, it's one of those films where it feels like everything is done for a reason. David Fincher is a force to be reckoned with - and I'm not gonna be the one to reckon with him, because all though I trust and respect him, I also don't trust him at all and I think for the most part he probably just sips coffee with a beanie on and headphones around his neck but if I said anything slightly out of line he'd have my head.

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