Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★½

Spiderman (I’ll never be used to putting the hyphen and I won’t apologise) has always been my favourite superhero since I was a kid, when I used to dress up in my costume literally just to do the most mundane things like watch tv in it or read a book, but as spiderman, and sometimes my friend would come round and bring his batman costume, and then not only was spiderman watching tv, but batman was too, which makes it all just a million times cooler right? Definitely. Anyway, I’ll always love him a lot a lot a lot and I’ll never be mad that they reboot it over n over, Tobey will always be my favourite because he was the one I grew up with and the one that I imagined when I was wearing that costume, but I carry the upmost spidey respect for anyone who steps into the suit, even myself because I’m tellin u I was a great peter parker with no actual skills or muscle but the same level of self deprecation and bad one-liners. And I think Tom has done a beyond wonderful job and will continue to do so in the MCU and this movie fills my heart w joy and I laugh and I’m shaken in my spidey suit and I’m scared and I’m sad and then I’m laughing again, a great combination of things to go through in a movie. So thank u peter parker you webby bitch for making me want to be a photographer when I was older and making me do gymnastics club so I could swing around like you but obviously not cause I sucked quite a bit and I was always a bit too scared to actually put my feet off the ground, and thank you marvel for continuing this character and bringing him back into my life in a big way. Can’t wait to probably see him get hurt in Infinity War just to pull on Tony’s emotions! That’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker!!!!!!! Love you spiderman!!!! You’ll never fucking die!!!!!! You will live FOREVER!!!

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