When Harry Met Sally... ★★★★★

I think this is officially the biggest number of places I’ve been while trying to finish one film: college during my half-hour free, randomly clicking it on Netflix because I’ve heard the name a million times and why not, doesn’t mean I’ll finish it right? At home because hey I have a bit of time to kill before my dad picks me up and we might as well! At my dad’s house while I’m waiting to go, because hey it’s pretty funny and why get this far into a film and not finish it? In the train station waiting room because we’ve got 11 minutes and I guess I could use another 11 minutes of harry and sally, doesn’t mean anything. On the train station platform, freezing my tits off, hoping the train doesn’t come before I can finish it because that’s just unsatisfying isn’t it but inevitably it does. In my seat on the train, the last (probably) 4 minutes, and a huge sense of accomplishment and a cosy feeling in my heart. I guess I really liked this film.

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