When Harry Met Sally... ★★★★★

Me, a top executive in an office on the third floor of some beige building, leaning back in my 7 year old black leather chair: You know, when my number two guy - Rob Reiner - pitched the idea of what he called "extremely long advertisements" to me back in 1988, I was sceptical. But when he came out with this stunning 1 hour 35 minute advert for cable knit jumpers, just a year later, which he titled 'When Harry Met Sally' for some reason (I was in favour of 'Knitting For The Fall') he had me completely sold. And he got Meg Ryan to be in it too! Anyway, one of the male models in the catalogue went on to provide the voice for a small green spherical alien of some sort in some really popular Pixar movie, I've never watched the alien movie myself, and I'm not saying that our advert was responsible for him landing that part, but it definitely helped.

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