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  • Bo Burnham: What.

    Bo Burnham: What.


    Some chuckles, and I've definitely laughed out loud at some of the songs in isolation, but the special they came from is's not great, fam. I mean, call it "challenging the form," but the parts of it that weren't funny (most of it) were basically concentrated doses of an insensitive high school dumbass who thinks he's got it all figured out. Does not appeal, no matter how many times he "drops the veil" to say "hey, I'm actually a…

  • Unleashed



    This is some enjoyable trash. I have few notes.

    As long as they were pushing the boundaries of how homosexual the movie could be while being about heterosexual relationships, they could have gone further. I'm not sure how. But they could have.

    Kate Micucci falling in love with Sean Astin felt unearned. I cannot believe I'm saying this sentence, but she should have ended up with her cat forever. The movie suitably spent the most time on that relationship, but…

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  • Room



    The first half was riveting and unsettling. The second half was, while still good, just unsettling. It always felt like there was some shoe about to drop, but no big twist came because it was emulating a very real situation that some people tragically face and that is tense enough and a story worth telling.

    The interview in the second half is one of the most callous things I've ever seen in a film, and one of the more awfully real-feeling parts. We are garbage people for feeding on that kind of exploitation.

  • Digimon Adventure Tri. - Chapter 6: Our Future

    Digimon Adventure Tri. - Chapter 6: Our Future


    No payoff for any of the millions of questions raised during the previous five movies, and an incredibly blue balling resolution to the 02 kids tease in the first movie. The only things that get revealed are the identity of Hackmon and an undoing of a facet of the entire premise of the second half of the series. That facet hasn't been relevant since the fourth movie, but it was still a changed status quo.

    It even had the audacity…