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This review may contain spoilers.

You know that awful, haunting THUD THUD Dave Bautista’s corpse makes right at the start of the film? That was my whole being when Deckard says “I know what’s real” to Wallace.

This film is three hours of goosebumps cresting and falling like waves. Goosebumps at dystopian vistas. Goosebumps at emotions wrapped in music. Goosebumps at a lonely, silent Elvis. Goosebumps at thoughts of painful memories. Goosebumps at how you’re definitely special and unique and important to this universe. Goosebumps at GOD!! FUCKING!!! DAMMIT!!!!

Despite its length I feel like I need to see it a dozen more times before it’s out of the cinema. This film didn’t need to exist, not even a bit, yet it feels like it’s going to go down in history as a classic.

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