Parasite ★★★★

The GFT finally got 4DX! Leaving two radiators blasting full pelt down the front of a sold-out theatre is an inspired choice!! Really lets you sweat deep in those semi-basement scenes!!! Love having to fashion a cropped vest out of my shirt at the cinema!!!!

I’ve kinda cooled on this film since the last time I saw it (or maybe I was being heat-deathed too hard to lose myself in it) but I guess Parasite is a prisoner of its own hype, at least for the next few years. It’s gone from “the new Bong film” that you can watch a screener of nine months before it shows in your country to
the film my 92 year old gran is asking me about. Very cool! And it’s fuckin class to see a queue to the end of the block outside a roastin independent cinema on a Saturday night.

Rewatching it is an interesting inversion - I was willing the setup to pick up its pace, and ended up more gripped by the planned chaos of the second half this time. Having space to comb over each scene made me realise that some of the stuff I found too coincidental the first time had actually been set up in early throwaway lines and props hours before. Big claps for the folk who did the sets and props, but maybe one thing that’s throwing me off is how planned the whole film is? It’s very tight and controlled at all times, and I think that maybe stops you from joining the family’s interior lives. But also maybe that’s the point?? A parasocial view of the socio-economic walls created by class? Hmm yes... So metaphorical... Maybe...? It’s up and down. Chaos reigns when capital pits human against human for survival. The things we do to each other don’t make sense when we’re motivated by money, so there’s no reason for them to make sense at the cinema.

No matter what though, that scene where Ki-Jeong returns to the flooded Kim dirthole and takes her stash from the ceiling/floor above so that she can have a ciggie atop a toilet that’s violently spewing shit into the dirt below? Masterpiece in and of itself. An all-timer.

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