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  • Purple Rain

    Purple Rain

    We are not overmuch inclined to "relate" to films. We prefer, in the mode of Brecht, to maintain an intellectual distance and circle films before swooping vengefully in upon them with our serrated mind-talons. Nonetheless, we cannot help but find something good and true in this strange and resplendent film, which shows it is perfectly possible--indeed natural!--for a young gentleman to have an entire elaborate persona, coiffure and ensemble fully established, down to a customized motorbike, and find himself well…

  • Love


    Enter the Void, for all its suffocating obviousness, its obdurate and endless insistence on very paltry ideas, did leave us with one lingering and compelling question: does Gaspar Noé know what sexual intercourse looks like, in its every moist, animal particular? There was rather too much intervening ectoplasm to be wholly sure. And so, when he announced his next film would be explicitly and entirely about sexuality, a definite excitement began to build in us, centered at first around our…

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  • Ida


    A vacuous, cod Bresson film of the sort that European cinema excretes every year to be laureled with awards for embalming the past with its conceited cinematography and indulging the masochism of secular critics who need reaffirmed that the world outside of convents is dreary and miserable. One presumes the space left above the heads of the characters is for God and His judgment to inhabit, but God is dead, His judgment was a paper tiger to begin with, and…

  • The End of the Tour

    The End of the Tour

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    -2 hours of defocused images of snow accompanied by introspective ambient synths
    -Placing the Blu-ray on a shelf next to This Is Water and none of David Foster Wallace's significant works
    -Imagining David Lipsky falling down an industrial staircase that descends infinitely into the void