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  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    First time back in theaters since March 6, 2020. Got a little emotional over it, not gonna lie. I just missed going to the movies so much. Bonuses: revisiting a stone cold classic, introducing it to my older roommate who'd somehow never seen it, the theater not being at all crowded on an early Wednesday evening and everyone in there respecting the masking rules, and it being the first time seeing this on a big screen for me.

    Phenomenal bonus:…

  • Hardcore



    The JESUS IS COMING AND HE'S MAD AS HELL sticker on the fridge in Peter Boyle's apartment is the perfect summation of George C. Scott's entire drive in this film.

    Incredible shirts. Sometimes I'm reminded by things like this that I live one block north of what used to be a tremendously seedy Boulevard and I'm kind of sad so much of that is all but erased now. So much sleaze it's spilling from the rafters of every frame.

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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    So just before settling in to watch this at long last, I finally finished writing a story that had been living in my head and eating away at me for over a year, which largely centers on an autofiction version of myself dragging various men I've fucked in the past and who wronged me in any manner of ways into the ocean to drown. So, naturally, I thought, "hey, I've been meaning to watch this thing for years, it's something…

  • Collateral



    Enjoy LA.

    As Manny said while we were in the middle of watching this, why isn't Michael Mann just... allowed to make whatever the hell he wants, with whatever budget he wants and no studio interference? Like, seriously, what the fuck.

    I still remember the overall vibe when this first came out, among critics, was that this was somehow a "lesser Mann" film, in that way where people compare basically everything he ever makes to HEAT (even when it's thematically…