The Sound of Music ★★★★★

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, we have access to all the world's information and entertainment with just the touch of a button.

It was because of our wonderful wired world that my family was able to stream "The Sound of Music" in HD onto our flat-screen TV and watch the whole thing straight through with relatively few quirks.

In the old days you would have had to take out two (!) VHS tapes for this three-hour long musical drama and switch them out at the intermission.

Now the only hiccup you have to deal with is figuring out which remote you have to use, plus tolerating the occasional visual feedback for reasons beyond my ability to understand.

The movie itself is spectacular, both as a visual feast and as a drama. It essentially puts the lie to all of these stuffy feminists who insist that women were constantly kept down and relegated to being virtual slaves.

This product of a different era is in fact what we today would call "progressive." The heroine is an industrious, energetic young woman on a mission to bring back joy and happiness to a troubled family.

The stick-in-the-mud (but noble) leading man eventually mellows out thanks to the courageous audacity of our heroine, leading to a dramatic conclusion in which good triumphs and evil (in the form of Nazis, always good for being bad guys) is thwarted.

The final ingredients are truly beautiful and catchy musical numbers and an unforgettable supporting cast. Every actor in this movie does a good job. It seems that in the old days, this was nearly always the case.