Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes and Da’Vine Joy Randolph give some the funniest performances of the year with DOLEMITE IS MY NAME the film that chronicles iconic Rudy Ray Moore as he tries to fund, film, and produce his film DOLEMITE.
It’s a solid film all the way around. The story and screenplay is wonderfully informative, but more importantly staggeringly funny. It blends the many ups and downs of Moore’s life blisteringly funny dialogue and material throughout. The whole entire ensemble is fantastic, but the aforementioned three really give some of the best performances of the year. Eddie Murphy is transformative here as Rudy Ray Moore; my knowledge of Moore was nonexistent prior to knowing that this film even existed, but Murphy loses himself in this character and you never once see Murphy, you only see Moore. Wesley Snipes is truly hysterical in this, every single time he was on screen I was in stitches from laughing at something he did, or something he said. Da’Vine Joy Randolph better become a bonafide star after this film, she is so charismatic and energetic and infectious, you were drawn to her every time she was on screen, and honestly she wasn’t on screen enough. The film recreates the world of the 1970s, and everything looks just like it is supposed to, the detail that went into putting this together is commendable. And let me take a moment to mention the costume design, they are so damn good, they are bright and colorful and unique and original, and they fit the time period perfectly.
This was definitely a surprise for me. I was worried that people were overhyping this, and using “Eddie Murphy Is Back” as their reasoning for liking it. But this was such a fun film to watch, and it had me laughing constantly throughout its runtime.