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  • The Meyerowitz Stories

    The Meyerowitz Stories


    "He's baby-faced but sinewy, like an old lover of mine, Willem Dafoe."

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    I am a Denis V partisan, but this is boring. Deakins is a genius though.

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  • The Sarkeesian Effect: Inside the World of Social Justice Warriors

    The Sarkeesian Effect: Inside the World of Social Justice Warriors


    This is the most poorly made doc I've ever seen. Better films have been made with iPhones. Siri could make a better film.

    Poorly shot, poorly mixed, poorly structured (there is no structure), poorly edited. The sound quality is awful -- we're talking huge mic plosives on the voice-over narration and takes being used where it's like "really? -- that's the best take you got for that?"

    The last 20 minutes turns into a screensaver of hyperbolic preaching, a John…

  • The Godfather: Part II

    The Godfather: Part II


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A marvel of screenwriting, Part II doesn't just exceed its predecessor in scope—it also exceeds it in plain-old storytelling acumen. When De Niro stalks the local mafia big shot, he moves across the tops of tenement buildings while the Black Hand makes his way through the crowded festival below. The entire pursuit and ultimate slaying becomes a thing of beauty, a dialogue-free triumph of visual storytelling. Coppola puts much of the larger budget he had for one of the most…