Blue Velvet ★★★★★

What goes on in David Lynch’s mind when he writes this. How does he come up with Frank, a psychopath that has a velvet fetish. A BLUE Velvet fetish.

I absolutely loved this movie. Every scene was so exciting and intense. Nothing matches that feeling you get during the final apartment scene. You feel like Jeffery is hopeless, but he always finds a way out. Blue Velvet gets straight into the action. The plot points are all brought up within the first 25 minutes of the film. You never forget about them, and you wonder how it will tie up. 

The tone of this movie is a combination of calm and creepy. Everything seems to be running smoothly in Lumberton, but you get transported into a fucked up world. 

All of the characters are perfect as well. Frank Booth, Dorothy Vallens, Jeffery Beaumont, and Sandy Williams are all perfectly portrayed. A psycho, a masochist, a naive college boy, and a teenage girl come together to make an awesome movie.

Truly amazing!