Short Cuts

Short Cuts ★★★★★

Altman’s smooth, sweeping masterwork manages to deal with so many different characters and so many different situations while still maintaining a natural and acute sense of stability.

Short Cuts
 is a complex web of ordinary people and their actions, and the ripple effect that these actions have on themselves and others. You can feel the hot, boiling emotions of its characters bubbling underneath the surface. Every one of them is deeply unsatisfied with life, but keep on going, day after day, as if the forces of nature will eventually concede and somehow interrupt their painful prosaic existence.

Indeed it is a dark and heavy film, but it is never overwhelming. Altman’s distinctive, but detached observation of these Los Angeles inhabitants is just so tender and forbearing, sometimes even humorous. After all, the absurdity of adult life is completely priceless.

The story continues: populations of people too afraid to lose the little that they’ve got, simply waiting, quietly, for something bigger.

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