Nocturne ★★★★

"We're both failures, you and me, but at least I have an excuse. You're just mediocre."

Nocturne is definitely the best psychological horror movie I've seen in a while, and probably my favorite horror movie of 2020.

Like its main character, it doesn't do anything exceptionally, it just does almost everything well. The story is engaging, the characters are well-written, and the pacing never falters. This is the movie that The Sonata and The Perfection both desperately wanted to be, in their own ways. A disturbing tale of musically-inspired madness and obsession, that leads to nothing but destruction. Nocturne is more akin to Whiplash and Black Swan than either of those movies, it just deals with a more supernatural kind of evil.

My only caveat is that I wish Nocturne leaned more into being actually scary, but when it tries to go that route it leads to nothing more than a weak jump scare. So maybe we're better off without more of that.

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