The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★

"You wanted it to be true, so you decided it was. This was your idea."

Not sure if this is a total misfire or ever so slightly redeemable in some ways. The Hunt had the potential to be a satirical, over-the-top political farce with some First Blood mixed in, but it's honestly just a mess. The attempts to be clever mostly fail, the attempts at humor mostly fail, and it's totally haphazard.

Then the last act comes along and manages to be much more relevant to my interests because it's so much more focused. More of that would have been nice, and less of...whatever the rest was supposed to be.

Not going to lie though, I haven't seen Hilary Swank in a long time and honestly, she could make a movie about nothing but people getting paper cuts and hangnails and I'd feel like it's stunning and brave. So this is basically 85 minutes of mostly nonsense plus 20 minutes of Swank, and that equals....3 stars, somehow? Maybe The Hunt is really about how we all just make our own boogiemen because we can't be bothered to actually understand people who aren't like us? Probably not, but I'm rolling with it to retroactively justify my rating.

Basically, just read everyone else's reviews, they're better.

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