Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★★

I've seen this twice before. The first time I was barely into my teens, and I loved it. The second time I was well into my teens, and I thought it kinda sucked. Round three, I'm twenty-two, I have gained an appreciation for the higher classes of cinema, delved into the art of crafting a film, experienced what is probably the peak of Batman on the screen in the form of Nolan's trilogy and discovered this to be in most people's list of worst movies, and with all of that in mind, I found this to be filled with much more redeeming qualities than I expected.

Sidenote: spoilers kind of, but not ones I felt justified a 'contains spoilers'. More tidbits than plot-ruiners.

First off, the bad. Bat-bulge. Bat-butt. Unnecessary acrobatics when washing clothes. Excessive acrobatics when simply running down the stairs would have sufficed. Every henchman was inexplicably dressed as a gimp. Over-the-top villain lairs. Dumb sound effect when that guy got electrocuted at the start. Awful acting from random citizen numbers one through five. ''Holy rusted metal, Batman!'' Pretty much the entire bad guy plot. Over-the-top nature of the villains (see also, 'the good'). There are probably more but I've forgotten already so I guess they weren't that bad.

The good. Some great exchanges of dialogue. Neat reference to the original and subsequent reboot of Robin's costume. Subplots that expand on the characters without subtracting from the movie as a whole. Great special effects (they were nominated for an Oscar after all), and the use of them over CGI for the majority of the flick. The general use of sets and actual vehicles and props and stunts. Some real nice cinematography (noteworthy: Batman's high drop into the chute). The Riddler question mark over the Bat symbol. A decent sense of fun. Over-the-top nature of the villains (see also, 'the bad'). Jim Carey knew exactly what kind of movie he was making.

It's not the Batman movie you deserve, but sometimes, when you're bored on a Saturday night, or you need a reminder of what it was like to be a kid with an action figure, or you need a break from Hollywood's obsession with gritty, down to earth hyper-realism and want to remember the time when movies were made to take you out of the real world, it might just be the Batman movie you need.

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