Rabbits ★★★½

Film #114 of the December Challenge 2

The premise to David Lynch's 'Rabbits' has the potential to be sitcom gold, a couple of human rabbits on a show with canned laughter, it can't not work!

Female adult Rabbit: ''Honey, have you seen the Remote''
Male adult Rabbit : ''No, I wabbit!''

See! it writes itself! I think I'm gonna run with this idea, only my sitcom will be more original, it will be set in New York in an apartment building, only the rabbits will be humans and the show will be called 'Friends' and there will be blackjack and hookers, actually forget the blackjack!...ah forget the whole damn thing.

With 'Rabbits', Lynch takes its potential comedic goldmine of a plot and turns it into one of the most bizarre, surreal and frightening things I've ever seen, AKA Lynch being Lynch. I can't possibly come up with a concrete theory after one viewing but I feel like all the, seemingly random, dialogue has been spliced and jumbled into a random order and the real meaning (if there is one) can be found by sorting the pieces of dialogue into a correct order. I could be way off on that one though.

'Rabbits' is pure Lynch. Elusive, visually manipulative and surreal beyond belief. And like the rest of the man's filmography, I love it!

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