Woof. Have people drastically lowered their standards when it comes to horror movies or am I just unbelievably picky? (Don't answer that. I'll just assume it's the latter).

For once my complaint isn't an overuse of jump scares though, so at least there's that! However, there was an overuse of not-so-subtle callbacks to the original. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate movie references. I just don't enjoy it when it feels like the director is blatantly saying, "Hey, remember that time this thing happened in the original movie?? Wouldn't it be cool if we do it again?!" It feels like a cheap, lazy way to excite audiences. It's a gimmick that doesn't hold up and never makes for a good movie.

Also, shoutout to Jibrail Nantambu for being my favorite thing about this movie. Somehow Julian ended up being the only character I cared about.

P.S. If there's anyone out there who was disappointed by both this movie and A Quiet Place, but happened to be a fan of Hereditary... please introduce yourself because you'll be my new go-to when it comes to horror movie recommendations.

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