By Hook or by Crook

By Hook or by Crook ★★★★

2021 Queer Film Challenge #17: a film by Silas Howard.

This is Americana. Not the mom and apple pie kind, not the eagles and guns kind, but an anarchist Americana of outsiders, like a queer John Dos Passos for the 21st century, or Gregg Araki on a budget of Ziploc bags full of quarters. I'm talking punk rock and minimalist country blues, neon signs and surveillance cameras, petty theft and gay bars. Here in the US a car represents freedom, so go ahead and steal one. A motel promises safety from a mental "health" system that's just another face of the criminal "justice" system, because both are handmaidens of capital. Only the other freaks will appreciate your slick David Lynch hair swoop and your ability to think on your feet, or see the pain and the creativity underlying your new bff's constant manic free-association. So jack a vending machine. Kick a fascist in the junk. Punch a cop. Lie your ass off. Make out with that cute femme from the Records Office. Shoot your movie on scotch tape instead of film. You've got nothing to lose but each other.

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