Orin & Anto

Orin & Anto ★★★

2021 Queer Film Challenge #23: a film with a non-binary character.

Oops, I didn't quite finish this challenge in 2021! "Orin & Anto" is a cute short about the LGBTQ generation gap, manifested in the form of a snarky middle-aged cis gay American man and a shy, awkward young Scottish enby who, due to a mixup, end up in the same AirB&B for a night. It's obviously supposed to be an even-handed portrayal of each side's failure to understand the other, but let's be real: Anto's transphobic remarks are a lot worse than anything Orin says, and someone should tell him that trans people were marching in the 80s too. Thankfully, everything works out in the end. To be honest, though, I've seen these arguments play out so many times on Twitter that I didn't get much out of watching them dramatized with actors. For me the best part of the short was the part without dialogue — just two people moving about their shared living space in the night, doing everything as quietly as possible so as not to wake each other, creating a sort of living ASMR.