Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube ★★★★

Hooptober 4.0 #8

Better than the original by a small margin for sure. Mr X's visual effects are wonderful in all their obviously computer generated glory. We get a pretty similar gang to the first with the same suspicious secret-holders and heel-turners. Experienced DoP Andrzej Sekula, also on directing duties here, supplies a little more dynamism in the framing and camerawork; although I could've done without all the ugly close-ups on faces of sweaty men.

All in all it's just a little pacier than the first and is an absolute blast. It felt like it took about 5 minutes to hit the 75 minute mark, when I pointed this out my friend remarked 'But what's actually happened?' A fair question but this thing is super entertaining and just contains a bit more flair and a few more interesting concepts than the first.

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