Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals

Pornocracy: The New Sex Multinationals ★★★½

*carefully places soap box down and steps onto it*

Capitalism has become completely unhinged recently, with the new Uber style of working allowing huge anonymous companies to have no responsibilities or respect for the people actually running the product.

Even 'cheeky' movies- once our most respected and honoured way to watch an impoverished heroin addict from Romania eat her own poo- aren't safe, with one company allowed to run an absolute monopoly with little consideration- or even recognition- for the people stuffing four penises into their anaesthetised bum hole.

And it's unlikely to change, as who is going to dare speak up for the rights of 'cheeky' movie actors.

A depressing film, that lost a lot of pace and momentum in the middle when discussing financial matters, but is still a valuable document of an issue we'd all like to ignore because we've never watched porn and never even HEARD of YouPorn and...