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  • Humanité



    Not a comedy, per se, especially since the overall impression is of a lamentation, the film opening with the corpse of an 11-year-old girl, the title itself being a kind of cry, as well as Pharaon's own screams of anguish at the rough midpoint. Still, it's something of a "comedy" - the fact that it opens with Pharaon's face literally plunged into the muck is telling - with Dumont's penchant for pushing a conceit to its absurdist extreme creating a…

  • Suzaku



    Lots to admire: the documentary qualities (kids playing by the well; climbing up a small tree; still shots of the villagers; reels of 8mm film), the more ethereal vibe (the recurring tunnel shot), or just textural pleasures like a summer rain and blinding sunlight filtering through the frame. Music used sparingly, to score crucial moments and develop the emotional logic, most strikingly during the fifteen-year (!) ellipses that follows nothing more than a casual walk home. A film about "the…

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  • Primer




    Man, do you wanna watch Primer? I haven't seen it since later this afternoon.

  • Hacksaw Ridge

    Hacksaw Ridge

    This was going to be two stars, and then that finale happened, which is a shame since the film is actually rather interesting—if also fundamentally conflicted and confused—from the moment it relocates to Okinawa. (Everything before that is so dull that it's barely worth mentioning, except to note that Gibson tries to do Full Metal Jacket, but with Vince Vaughn in the R. Lee Ermey role, and a strange amount of the material played for laughs.) The disjunction between having…