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  • Prometheus



    A little late with this one, but then again I always am.
    Such a lovely piece visually, working on an absolutely massive scale, creating a dark and at times mezmerising world.
    Yes it was pretty big, loud and stupid - but then again, I like big loud and stupid. Yes it has expendable characters ("I love rocks!") but not annoyingly so.

    Flawed but enjoyable. Kind of shot itself in the foot with the massive hype, but that's just Ridley Scott I believe.

  • The Pact

    The Pact


    You know how it's impossible to remember if you locked your frontdoor this one morning, because you've locked it a thousand times before, so you can't distinguish the mundane memories from one another?

    Well, I would have reviewed this earlier, but I actually forgot that I saw it. That's right. It's the 'Did I Lock The Door' Syndrome of horror-films.
    There's not much to say - the slow pace grows boring rather than eerie, although nothing's wrong with most performances…

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  • One Missed Call

    One Missed Call


    Whether you love or hate Miike, there's no denying that as far as his range of works go, he never sticks with the same old, tired thing.
    Which is why his loveletter to/parody of the asian horror genre somehow managed to become one of the best examples of everything that the genre actually incorporates. Yes, 'the chain call of death' is silly and yes it features many of the usual cliches that you would expect.. it's just that Miike does it well. Balancing between teenage-horror-phone-childghost-drama and balls out Takashi Miike insanity it's an unexpected gem. Also there is no comparison to the dreadful remake.

  • Valhalla



    I usually have a rule of not going back to films I adored as a child, because there's nothing worse than having beautiful memories of 'the best film evah' ruined by the nitpicking of whatever alcohol-induced cynicism I have aquired later in life.

    First, a little backstory - at the end of a very chaotic and difficult production, from a time when Denmark was actually starting to make a name for themselves in regards to cinema, this little gem became…