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  • From Beyond

    From Beyond


    All desire for power and dominance derives from impotency? I don't buy it but also I'm totally in. Great fun, Crampton is great, most of this works so well!

  • Castle Freak

    Castle Freak


    Surprisingly compelling for what it is but the first of Gordon's movies, and maybe the only, that makes me feel uncomfortable about his portrayal of women, and I don't just mean the goofy graphic violence. Neither Combs not the Freak should be sympathetic, but they kind of are, with our most redeeming female character played as a total niave blank slate. Still, much of it is satisfying despite a rough start

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  • Minding the Gap

    Minding the Gap


    I thought this was a documentary about skate boarding. It's actually about poverty and intimate partner violence and toxic masculinity and the need so many have to escape! This was beautiful and painful and way too fucking familiar

  • Hereditary



    This movie fucked me up fam. I'm not gonna get all hyperbolic on it cause I can see how this wouldn't play for all audiences. For me tho, this combo of dread with family issues and drama and ending with that good good devil shit? It got under my skin in the best way