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  • Halloween



    Very sufficient

  • Suspiria



    There is one part I am completely baffled by. Otherwise I loved it.

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  • Hereditary



    This movie fucked me up fam. I'm not gonna get all hyperbolic on it cause I can see how this wouldn't play for all audiences. For me tho, this combo of dread with family issues and drama and ending with that good good devil shit? It got under my skin in the best way

  • Knife + Heart

    Knife + Heart


    Review coming soon for, but for now I can say i found this to be a lot of fun. Giallo worship set in the world of 70s queer pornography, and with a lot of that strange, quasi supernatural psychic stuff that Gialli sometimes had as an extra spice to the murder mystery stew. Sexy, synthy, neon, and just very assertive. There is one moment I found...troublesome. However, it is leading me to wonder if the film is not in some way a reflection on directing, representation, and the way we are all somehow linked to this violence. I dunno. It was trippy mang