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  • The Cheetah Girls

    The Cheetah Girls


    When it comes to movies discussing classism, The Cheetah Girls walked so Parasite could run. This movie explores both the upper and lower class lives of a diverse group of 4 young and talented New Yorkers while delivering bop after bop. Also probably the first DCOM to introduce feminism by empowering young girls to rely on each other instead of just trying to end up with the boy and giving us the iconic feminist anthem Cinderella. With the overall unifying…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Ok I was exhausted and like half awake for the majority of this so it felt like a fucking fever dream.

    I have to say I enjoyed the first half hour the most because it really played out like a horror film but then everything goes pretty batshit after that. The whole film is shot and edited beautifully but there are major chunks of the film that almost drag on with absolutely no dialogue and that’s where I imagine they’re…