Greetings and welcome to the first edition of the LICHTER filmfest // This year's programme :: 2008 ::

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Hessen, a film state, Rhine-Main, a cinema region - whether words like these should be followed by a question mark or an exclamation mark divides opinion. 

The faction of exclamation mark friends is mostly in politics and associations; in the German film scene, people are more likely to put a question mark. We make a point of it: Enough talk, we want to watch (because that's what cinema is, after all). LICHTER was born out of a passion for film and an attachment to the Rhine-Main region. The initiators of LICHTER all work for film themselves, they know that there are numerous exciting films to be discovered in the region, but also that much more would be possible. LICHTER is therefore both an inventory of a lively scene and an invitation to show more courage.

The basics exist: There are numerous educational institutions such as the HfG in Offenbach, Städelschule and University in Frankfurt, technical colleges in Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Mainz, to name just a few. Fascinating topics are just waiting to be explored in a region that includes cities such as Frankfurt, Offenbach, Mainz and Darmstadt as well as the landscapes of the Odenwald, Rheingau and Wetterau. The public is particularly receptive to young film, as evidenced by festivals such as Filmfest Weiterstadt, Exground on Screen in Wiesbaden and Filmz in Mainz. Companies provide the necessary know-how for the technical part of the production. And post-production, primarily oriented toward advertising, is among the best in the country.

One sector has benefited from this in recent years: documentaries. The wave of excellent documentaries has been reflected in the LICHTER program with five out of eight competition films. Feature films, on the other hand, are still a niche - it is rare to see the region on screens and screens away from the TV monotony.

We have therefore decided to place two North Hessian productions alongside the competition films from the Rhine-Main region, which at least have a loose connection here and have shown us what young and courageous cinema can look like today. For four days, LICHTER wants to let the stars shine in Frankfurt's cinema sky and show what the region's industry is capable of. When filmmakers, audiences and representatives from politics and institutions come together, this should be an incentive to boldly drive the film region forward, to create a foundation to stop the exodus of creative people and to attract bright minds here. Because cinema for heart and mind, we are convinced, is able to enrich the identity of a region like hardly any other art form. 

In this year's edition we are proud to present:

1. Zigeuner: Opening film
2. De terrorist Hans-Joachim Klein: Regional Feature Film Competition
3. Madonnas: Regional Feature Film Competition
4. Video Kings: Regional Feature Film Competition
5. Full Metal Village: Regional Feature Film Competition
6. Zownir: Radical Man: Regional Feature Film Competition
7. Die Aufschneider: Regional Feature Film Competition
8. Projekt Gold: Regional Feature Film Competition
9. Stiller Frühling
10. Windows on Monday
11. WR: Mysteries of the Organism
12. Ron & Leo
13. In a Year with 13 Moons
14. Paula’s Secret: Children's Film Programm